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> You'd pretty much have to do that pixel by pixel. What exactly do you want
> the final application to do...often times there are alternative solutions
> derived at by others knowing what you wish to accomplish.

Well I was hoping there'd be something that was a bunch of vectors. If you
got to my site you'll se what I'm up to It's basically a

*** very rough

I'm making a site that will allow users to upload a map and add 'events' to
it. The events can include photographs and comments, possibly even sound
clips and such.

You can choose to share your map and to link it to similar maps. You can
make user groups and share all of your events. You can view events from any
area as a time line. Or look at events from any time period as a map. You
can chain events and make a map that shows how the event chain moved through
space (or didn't.)

It's "postmodern" because <i>anyone</i> can contribute and because events
can countian conflicting accounts and information. (Just like real history!)
I'm going to using it for my online diary because I want to see where I was
when I was thinking or seeing something (personal obssesion... sorry) But it
has lots of other uses...

So I wanted to see if there was a vector map I could use as the "main" map
that all the other maps will be linked to.


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