You really can't send multiple files in a single response, and you certainly 
can't send multiple headers after data has gone through.

Zipping would be a nice approach.  Another would be to use AJAX calls to 
sequenctially download the files.

- Kyle

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I assume you want to force the files to the user as a series of files to
download? Have you considered just offering a page of links to each
file? You can actually have the links go to a PHP script which can
stream the file as a forced download, and the user can then download the
files one-by-one by clicking the link as if it were a normal link.
Alternatively, you could zip the files up into one archive using PHP and
offer stream that file down to the user.


On Mon, 2009-07-27 at 21:54 +0930, tony mount wrote:
> I have a question that follows on from this discussion. I have a loop
> which creates a number of files. It first write each file to a server
> location then sets up the headers and asks the "Save As" question. This
> works OK once, but after the first download it exits without any errors
> or messages. If I remove the header() lines (ie just create the files on
> the server) no worries, it creates them all. (I start op buffer at the
> top of the code and flush the buffer on each loop). Anyone have any
> ideas please?
> Thanks
> Tony 

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