Richard Heyes wrote:

A lot of sites are moving to simulated dialog windows inside the page.

There's an updated version of my ModalDialog included in RGraph which
does just this:

It covers the page in a semi transparent DIV to bring attention to
itself (the modal part). It beats the crappy confirm() dialogs. The
older version is here:

But why are we moving to commercial software to do something as simple as I'm trying to do here? I'm not against commercial software in general - I own my own commercial software business full-time. Your dialog might be great and really useful in some situations, with plenty of benefits. But, it's a big decision to include ANY software package into any project. There are learning curves, questions about who will be skilled to support it in the future, cost (?), versions, upgrades, survival etc. And I have to say, as a user, I am very disappointed with many sites that have obviously included all the latest and greatest technology.

Perhaps there is a need for change. And maybe the development of these alternate solutions will encourage the standards powers that be to take a new look at the need for a solution within standards.

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