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> Sent: 28 July 2009 17:06
> Okay I have to echo onto my reverse pub page this chunk of code that
> is for
> generating the page in Quark, it has to echo as is...but I'm getting
> errors--I've tried in brackets, in paraenthesis, double quotes,
> single
> quotes etc:
>     echo "<v6.52><e0>
> @Normal=<Ps100t-2h100z9.4k0b0cMf"Helvetica">
> @.LIST
> Bold=<Ps100t-4h110.001z8.7k0b0cKf"InterstateNL-BlackCondensed">
> @.BODY=[S"",
> ".BODY"]<*J*h"Standard"*kn0*kt0*ra0*rb0*d0*p(0,7,0,10,0,0,G,"U.S.
> English")Ps100t-2h100z9.4k0b0cKf"PoynterOSTextTwoNL-Roman">
> @Normal=[S".BODY
> ",".BODY","Normal"]<>
> @.GLANCE Hed
> 100K=[S"",""]<*L*h"Headline"*kn0*kt0*ra0*rb0*d0*p(0,0,0,+0,10,0,g,"U
> .S.
> English")Ps100t-4h100z16k0b0cKf"InterstateNL-BlackCondensed">
> @.GLANCE Text
> normal=[S"",".GLANCE Text
> normal"]<*L*h"Standard"*kn0*kt0*ra0*rb0*d0*p(0,5.25,0,10,0,0,G,"U.S.
> English")Ps100t-2h110.001z9.4k0b0cKf"InterstateNL-LightCondensed">
> @.LIST
> Subtopic
> label=[S"",""]<*C*h"Standard"*kn0*kt0*ra0*rb0*d0*p(0,0,0,10,4,2,g,"U
> .S.
> English")PKs100t-3h100z8.7k0b0cKf"InterstateNL-BlackCondensed">
> @.LIST Body
> no indents=[S"",".LIST Body no
> indents"]<*L*h"Standard"*kn0*kt0*ra0*rb0*d0*p(0,0,0,+0,0,3,g,"U.S.
> English")Ps100t-4h110.001z8.7k0b0cKf"InterstateNL-LightCondensed">"
> ;

The problem here is you have a string to output with lots of double quotes 
embedded in it, and you have also tried to quote it with double quotes. There 
are several things you could do:

(i) Insert a backslash in front of every double quote; I don't recommend this, 
as you're bound to miss one and it's very ugly to read.

(ii) Enclose it in single quotes instead; this is good as it prevents nearly 
all interpolation/escaping, but it has the disadvantage that you then have to 
backslash any single quotes.

(iii) Use a Heredoc http://php.net/heredoc; this avoids the need to backslash 
internal double quotes, but might be a problem if your text ever contains $ 
signs as it does variable interpolation.

(iv) If you are on PHP 5.3, use a Nowdoc http://php.net/nowdoc.

Whatever option you choose, you will always have to backslash-escape any 
backslashes; on a quick scan, I can't see any in that text block, but it's best 
to be aware ;)


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