Matt Neimeyer wrote:
> It's exactly what I would expect... The content of the row... But in
> any case, what does changing the content of the { } branch have to do
> with how the IF() itself is evaluated?
> array(4) {
>   [0]=>
>   string(8) "CustName"
>   ["config"]=>
>   string(8) "CustName"
>   [1]=>
>   string(11) "Sample Cust"
>   ["value"]=>
>   string(11) "Sample Cust"
> }

The if() *is* being evaluated *the same* whatever the content of that branch,
but when there's no content, you see no result...

It always looks odd to me to have empty if branches - why do you not just write

if ($Ret) { return $Ret; }

Anyway, the !$Ret branch is being executed because the fetch operation will
return NULL (or FALSE or something equivalent) when there are no results.

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