Yep just figured that out too..the escaping thing......

On 7/29/09 10:45 AM, "Ashley Sheridan" <> wrote:

On Wed, 2009-07-29 at 11:36 -0400, Miller, Terion wrote:
> Ok in my output to Quark I need to have $P printed to the page like this:
> <@$p>2118 S. Campbell Ave
> So in my php which is going to be grabbing this info and formatting it for
> the Quark....isn't echoing that "$p" all I get is the <@>
> I have tried several things:
> $p = $p
> $p = print("$p")
> $p = echo "$p"
> On and on...
> tried all kinds of ways to just get a $p to print to the page.....and I can
> not for some reason get a $p to print to the page...what's up with that...
PHP is seeing the $ and thinking that $p is a variable. As you have
errors and notices turned off, you aren't seeing the notice that you are
trying to use an undefined variable.

There are several ways to get round this:

      * escape like \$
      * put the $p inside of single quotes in your echo
      * use an escape code for the dollar


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