Miller, Terion wrote:
> I am trying to get rid of empty whitespace lines, I can't us chop() because
> as I read it it will remove all whitespaces....right?
> Right now my db is outputting with extra lines, I have stripped tags I know
> it isn't that causing it to look like this
> Blahlajdlkfjlksdjflkdjsf
>                <--------------how do I get rid of all this extra space?
> alkdfjlsdakjflsakdjflksjdf

If the white space is included in data coming from the db you could run
a simple little regex on the variable to removed any repetitive white
space.  But it might not be the best way to do it.

        $clean = preg_replace('|\s+|', ' ', $input);
        $clean = preg_replace('|\s{2,}|', ' ', $input);

If the white space is being generated in your HTML output, but is not in
your data store, then you need to cleanup your PHP code and that might help.

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