Christoph Boget wrote:
>>> /usr/share/file/magic
>> /usr/share/file/magic has lots of rules to know its type and its just
>> matching it.
> I know it has a lot of rules.  Grepping it for excel shows that there
> are rules in it for those types of files as well.
>> Maybe your file is quite strange . have you tried with other xls files?
> Yes, I have; the result is the same for all.
>> what does  "file /path/to/my/excel.xls"  say
> $ file excel.xls
> excel.xls: Microsoft Office Document
> Interestingly...
> $ file word.doc
> word.doc: Microsoft Office Document
> So apparently, to the file command, there is no distinction.  That
> seems both odd and wrong to me.  But not nearly as wrong as fileinfo
> reporting "application/msword" as the mime type of an excel document.
> thnx,
> Christoph

Have you tried using 'file -i' from the command line: after all you are looking
for a MIME type with your fileinfo...

Having said that, with file -i on my system, Word documents are
'application/msword' and Excel files are 'application/octet-stream'

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