Well, you will have an infinite recursion there if the mapping has
cycles, something like A->B, B->C, C->A would generate an invite

Checking if the mapping has cycles is pretty simple: you have to
create a directed graph and then go through the graph in DFS marking
each visited node, if you have to mark a node already marked then you
have a cycle. Tarjan's algorithm does that and a little more, see

Hope that helps.


On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 8:38 PM, Matt Neimeyer<m...@neimeyer.org> wrote:
> I'm cleaning up some inherited code in our data import module. For a
> variety of reasons we have to support old standards of the import
> format. Since some of those old versions were created we have since
> renamed some fields in our data structure. So right now I've a hard
> map for some field names...
> function GetMappedField($Field)
>   {
>   $FieldMap["A"] = "B";
>   $FieldMap["C"] = "D";
>   return isset($FieldMap[$Field])?$FieldMap[$Field]:$Field);
>   }
> But I've just spent a while tracking down a bug where someone mapped A
> to B and then someone else mapped B to C.
> I'm thinking of changing the return to...
>   return isset($FieldMap[$Field])?GetMappedField($FieldMap[$Field]):$Field);
> ...but I'm worried about the recursion. (Which isn't a strength of mine)
> I don't THINK I need to worry about circular mappings... but I'm not
> sure how to check for it if I did...
> Any suggestions? Thanks!
> Matt
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