Hi Alice,

Based on the string format that you mentioned (DD MMM YY - DAY) you should be able to transform to any other date using the following:

$parts = explode(' ', '23 JUL 09 - THURSDAY');

echo date('m/d/Y', strtotime("{$parts[1]} {$parts[0]} {$parts[2]}"));



On 31 Jul 2009, at 15:19, Alice Wei wrote:

Hi, Guys:

I am trying to turn a prepared line into a date format, and the string looks something like this: 23 JUL 09 - THURSDAY, and I am trying to change the string to a mm/dd/yyyy format that looks like 07/23/2009.

 I tried to use strtotime() but it gave me nothing.
 Here is the code:

       list($date,$month,$year,$dash,$day) = split(" ",$line,5);
echo "<date2>" . strtotime($date . "\s" . $month . "\s" . $year). "</date2>";

Could anyone on the list please give me a hint on what I might have done wrong here?

Thanks for your help.


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