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On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 05:24:45PM -0400, Miller, Terion wrote:

> I'm still struggling with using ranges... Can they be passed to a query
> somehow...
> I have this so far but it pulls nothing:
>      //Show all  with $letter  not between "A" and "Z"
> if ($selectedLetter = "#") {

Problem #1: The above expression will set $selectedLetter to '#', *not*
check whether $selectedLetter is equal to '#'.

>                                $other = range('0','9');
> $sql = "SELECT DISTINCT ID, name, address FROM restaurants WHERE name LIKE
> '$other'";

Problem #2: The range() function returns an array (see documentation).
Echo the $sql variable to screen and you may find that it says:


Try this:

$values = implode(',', $other);
$sql = "SELECT DISTINCT ... LIKE '$values'";

(See documentation for implode().)



Paul M. Foster

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