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> So I need to know how to process the files in the directory and then how to
> process a few lines.  The structure will always be the same and having the
> columns starting at the same position each time.

first, do the files have all the heading info in them as well, or just the
data? ie, are all the lines the same, or are there some that include stuff
other than data?

if the files cantaon only data, once you get a file in hand, this can parse
the lines.

$fd = fopen ($file,'r');
$buffer = fgets($fd, 4096);
$field1 = substr($buffer,0,x);
$field2 = substr($buffer,x,y);
$field3 = substr($buffer,x+y,z);

where x is the length of the first field, y length of the second ...

also, you may want to trim() the fields.

i'm sure others around here can come up with something better.


 -- mike cullerton

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