seb wrote:
> Hey all,
> i am using move_upload function to upload files to the server, but i
> want to add a feature that will allow files to be archived that have
> been uploaded already.
> so, the problem is:
> i upload a file that i want to "upgrade" and move the old file to an
> archive directory but I want to verify the NEW file is upload BEFORE
> moving the old file (the file being uploaded might not have the same
> filename as the old file currently on the server)..
> i want to move the old file only when the new file was successfully
> uploaded. something like:
> if(move_uploaded_file(....))
> {
>        rename(...);
> }
> only one problem.. then if both files have the same name it will be
> overwritten before it moves the old one i want to save. if i move the
> old one first, there still the possibility of the new upload failing so
> i am back to square one..
> i guess i can move_upload to a different directory, verify it's been
> uploaded, move the old to the archive file, then move the new file back
> to where it should be (where the archive file was)..
> is that my only option? any suggestions?

I'd suggest you *copy* the old file (if it exists) to archive anyway, and then
*move* it back if the new version doesn't verify. That seems pretty safe to 

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