From: Allen McCabe

> I have recently been working a lot lately with arrays and printing
them into
> html tables for email (like a user survey for example). I have been
> odd things with the table lately, each unique to it's sending php
file. I
> will get a space in a random spot. In one, I used an array to rename
> Name values of input fields to more readable ones, "whatadd" becomes
> to Add", only the word 'Add' is spelled 'Ad d'. With my recent mail
> (submitting a customer profile change), I get it in a similar area, a
> value renamed and I get "Emp loyee" in the table cell. The adjacent
cell is
> fine though, reading "Needs Handicap Accommodations". I will post some
of my
> code to show that I haven't misplaced a space:

How far apart are these spaces? Is something on your server injecting
new lines on lines of text it thinks are too long? This would be
displayed by the browser as a space. View source at the browser to see
what was actually added. If this is the case, I suspect you are running
on a Microsoft platform and forgot to set binary mode somewhere.

Bob McConnell

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