Allen McCabe wrote:
> *Parse error*: syntax error, unexpected $end in *
> /home/a9066165/public_html/admin/processccu.php* on line *231*

I have learned from a number of similar mistakes that this error message
/normally/ means that I have a miss-matched number of brackets on a
foreach, while, or if, etc... statement.

Usually the line number will represent the last line in your script.  In
this case, they don't seem to match...


> I did some major code rewriting about halfway through (lines 114-132), and
> suddenly I'm getting the above ERROR. I have examined the code line by line,
> but I'm still relatively new to this, and I don't even know what to look
> for!
> Here is the complete code, from beginning <?php tag to closing </html> tag:

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