I am trying to generate pages by importing content in includes, and using my
navigation include to tell PHP to replace a $thisPage variable which all the
includes use <?php include('phpincludes/' . $thisPage . '.php') ?>

The idea behind it (I know tons of people do it, but I'm new to this
concept), is to have a 'layout' page where only a variable changes using
$_GET on an href (index.php?page=services or index.php?page=about) to load
the new 'pages'.

All my links are displaying the current page state, and links are not
building around the link text (hrefs are built conditionally with if
$thisPage != services then build the link, otherwise leave it as normal
text). Same thing with the background image behind the link text (to
indicate a page's current position). If the condition is not true, all the
links (except the true current 'page') are supposed reload index.php and
pass a variable to itself to place into $thisPage using
href="index.php?page=" (after which I have a variable which stores "about"
or "services" within the if statement near the link text.

If this sounds like something you are familiar with (former issues and
whatnot) please let me know what I'm doing wrong. I would be happy to give
you any code you want to look at (index.php or navigation.php, whatever).

Thanks again for your help PHP gurus!

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