I started off with a Core PHP4 book and quickly outgrew it.  I find that
most of the books don't get much past the basics either, so I find myself
sticking to www.php.net and it's wonderful searchable documentation.

I have read Web Application Development with PHP4.0
(http://www.phpwizard.net), which I enjoyed.  While it does go into some
more advanced PHP syntax, it mostly discusses application development
concepts -- stuff that would be boring for any experienced programmer of
other languages.  I think it's geared at the people who picked PHP up as
their first language (me included).

I'd be interested in some good PHP books as well, I feel like I'm in a rut.
At first, PHP was all new, and I was learning soooo much... but now if I
think up a task I can visualize how to do it in PHP pretty easily.  I know I
have a LOT to learn, but I think my problem is I don't know proper
programming techniques...

Has anyone tried to expand into other languages?  I like perl due to its
heavy similarity to PHP, but I like to focus on web stuff.


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> Finished with Beginning PHP from Wrox. Am eyeing Advanced PHP from Wrox.
> Other good books I should think about? Recommendations? Reviews? I know
> PHP FAQ has pointers to books, but I am looking for recommendations on
> I SHOULD get as I transition from a Cold Fusion person to a PHP devotee :)
> Also looking for a good book on MySQL. The MySQL/MSQL book from O'Reilly
> pretty dated.
> c

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