Ben Dunlap wrote:
>> sorry man, but a good data design keeps only data in a table u can not
>> calculate. in ur case that would be only <date> <start> and <end> time.
>> refernces to user and project/tasks in other tables.
>> ur time sheet is definately a job for a report. that type of design limits u
>> to nothing. a user can start ans stop as many times he wants a day or time
>> range. u can report any number of time bits to any number of project a day
>> or time range
> I agree (unless the app just doesn't have access to the start/stop data).
> Ben

OK, I think I understand most points except the start and stop time.
Every time sheet I have used, SAP and several other smaller ones, I
enter a weeks worth of time data like:

Project         Sun     Mon     Tues    Wed     Thur    Fri     Sat
Grill steaks            8       8       8       8       0       
Vacation                0       0       0       0       8

So why wouldn't I store the dates and the hours instead of start and
stop times?


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