On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 02:55 +0200, Ralph Deffke wrote:
> why do u stick to php 6?
> i would recommend www.scribd.com and have a search on PHP. there are books
> on beginners for php5 and articles of the difference to php 6.
> a very usefull site by the way, made me stopping buying books. loads of
> material on IT stuff.
> ralph
> ralph_def...@yahoo.de
> <sono...@fannullone.us> wrote in message
> news:43bda83e-2383-48a8-87ca-4408244fa...@fannullone.us...
> > Has anyone read this book by Larry Ullman yet?  If so, what do you
> > think about it?  I'm looking for a well-rounded book that covers PHP
> > for e-commerce websites and from what little I've been able to find
> > online, it looks pretty good.  Or would you recommend another book?
> >
> > I know that no book has all the answers - I just want something in my
> > hands to read.  However, I've bought a few Perl books that were a
> > waste of money, so this time, I thought I'd ask first.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Frank
I'd focus on PHP 5 more than 6 just now, as the majority of hosting
companies out there are still only offering PHP 5 installations.
Learning 6 without learning 5 could lead you into some very interesting
conversations with clients!


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