I'm new to this list (today, as a matter of fact).  Normally I would 
lurk awhile to get a feel for the list etiquette but feel the 
pressure to learn PHP quickly.  I want to apologize, in advance, if 
I'm committing any list sins.

I am looking to find a someone who is well versed in PHP that would 
consider tutoring someone in the Los Angeles area.  I am really 
looking for someone in this area so that we can work face to face.  I 
have several years experience programming other languages but am 
having trouble with sessions in PHP (amongst other things).

I can be flexible with my time to accommodate your schedule.  If you 
are interested, please email me with some information about your 
experience, some contact info and a best time to call.

Thank you in advance for your responses.


Mario A. Salinas

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