On Thu, 6 Aug 2009 12:42:49 -0600, Govinda wrote:

>> Others have mentioned variable variables. While I have
>> used those, I tend to prefer arrays:
> ah, yes, I see that too, now.  Thanks for reminding me about arrays.
>   (You must be quite adept at arrays. )

I don't know, but I often stuff things into array,
such as the following snippet:

...   while ($r = mysql_fetch_row ($res)) {
        $news_paged[$page][$r[0]]['short_desc'] = $r[1];
        if (isset ($r[2]))
          $news_paged[$page][$r[0]]['long_desc'] = $r[2];

I wonder if there's a noticable difference in performance
between variable variables and arrays... I'm guessing it's
small enough to be of no concern.

> (And to give you credit Nisse, I ended up going with your solution  
> ('knock on wood'.. it is not all done yet) from the other php-db list  
> (building an array from data returned from the 3 union all selects-  
> query).)

I'm a total newbie when it comes to SQL beyond simple SELECTs.
If there's a noticable gain to be made from limiting the number
of rows returned from the database, then that is probably worth
persuing. Otherwise, I'd do it in PHP.


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