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When running a PHP script from CLI, does APC optimize it before execution, or does APC only provide the apc_*() functions when runing in CLI mode?
If I recall correctly, none of the accelerators work in CLI mode.

There is a php.ini setting named apc.enable_cli, which would suggest otherwise.

I tried enabling it, and it seems my CLI script is a little faster actually. Highly unscientific but looks like about 10%.

I stand corrected. However, accelerators don't make scripts faster per se. They merely cut out the script reading and parsing time. So, while you may experience 10% gain within the first second of your script running, the use of an accelerator should have no bearing down the road except for the initial dynamic load of other scripts at runtime. Long running scripts will see almost no benefit from an accelerator. This is the general reason why CLI acceleration isn't very useful. That said though, one could certainly glean an advantage if they had a cron job or other daemon that was loading a script often.

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