On Aug 9, 2009, at 16:43, John Butler wrote:

Hi sunday  coders,

I've been using this kind of logic on one PHP site I work on to display one thing or another depending on whether the form was submitted or not:

                if($_POST['UserWishesDateRange']) {  //--line 79
                } else {
                        echo'NOT submitted';

and it works great on that site.

But on another site it still works, but gives this error:
Notice: Undefined index: UserWishesDateRange in /home/vs/site/phvs/ bl/7solarsecrets/admin/trackingcode.html on line 79

I assume that is because the error display settings are set to a more rigorous level in this latter site.
Is this correct?

(Both sites reside on servers where I am not the admin.)

John Butler (Govinda)

You could do something like:

if(isset($_POST['UserWishesDateRange'])) { //--line 79 or you could use something like !empty($_POST['UserWishesDateRange'])
        echo 'submitted';
} else {
        echo 'NOT submitted';

This will check if $_POST['UserWishesDateRange'] is set to something. You are getting the error message because $_POST ['UserWishesDateRange'] is not set if the form is not submitted. The server where you don't get the error message probably just has error reporting turned off.

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