On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Ralph Deffke<ralph_def...@yahoo.de> wrote:
> this is not "intelligence" its just pure math. the '&&' says if BOTH
> expressions are true then the whole expression is true.
> so if the first one is false, the whole is false, why checking the next one
> in the underlaying C it would be something like this
> {
> if ( expression == false ) return false;
> if ( expression == false) return false;
> return true;
> }
> ralph
> ralph_def...@yahoo.de

That's logically correct, and while PHP does implement this
"short-circuit" logic, not all languages do. In that regard, I
appreciate what John meant by saying it makes it look "more
intelligent." Some languages evaluate each of the conditions to their
respective boolean results before evaluating the logical operators.


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