Paul M Foster wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 08:23:21PM -0700, Allen McCabe wrote:
>> I have seen different scripts for working with SQL, and most follow the same
>> method with on difference.
>> Variables are defined (host, password, etc.)
>> mysql_connect command
>> //then, the difference
>> mysql_select_db command
>> //back to common
>> $sql = "SELECT ... "
>> $result = mysql_query($ql)
>> Is the database selection necessary, or is that implied with a SELECT or
>> other SQL command?
> All major SQL DBMSes can have multiple databases available. A given
> database may contain a variety of tables. If you simply start firing SQL
> commands at a DBMS, it won't know which database to look in unless you
> tell it. By contrast, the connection process in PostgreSQL must include
> a database; there is no separate database selection function call.
> Paul
I seem to recall from the manual, that once you have done mysql_connect
, any subsequent queries will be directed at the same db until another
mysql_connect points to another db. I repeat the call with every query
as a precaution.
I'm not expert, but I thought I'd offer my observation and am open to
correction. ;-)

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