Hey all.

I am creating an online order form which will submit an order quest to
email, there are no products and no transactions (seat reserving).

Currently, I have a form that is populated with shows and times and prices
from an external php file (each show is an array, embedded in a shows

I have the form working thus so far: a user can enter a quantity for any
show listed (38 shows), and once they hit submit, they are shown a summary,
a table that has each show they chose and all the associated details (pulled
from the external show list file) and tallies their the total number of
seats and the total cost.

I have been thinking about how to add a 'remove' function, or an edit
quantity price. I have it set up so that like this:


$none = '';

if($show_01_qty != $none) {
 echo " \\ the row with all the details is echoed here


I have this set up for all 38 shows.

So all that I need to do, is refresh the page with the quantity set to
$none. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas?


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