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> Hi mike!
> On Sat, 07 Jul 2001, mike cullerton wrote:
>> hey folks,
>> i'm trying to register an object as a session variable and feel like i'm
>> chasing my tail. i either get the define class before starting session
>> problem or the can't send header error. as soon as i fix one, i cause the
>> other.
> you are doing something wrong somewhere in the process :)
> All you need is the class definition before the session starts. That's all.
> Post some code to see what are you doing.


this is really involved code. (YA weblog program) the index has one include
file, but that include file has _many_ includes and lots of interdependence.
the object i want to register maintains the page layout, and has a db object
and member object as variables.

i've got some test code working that doesn't exhibit the problem. now i'm
just trying to track it down.


again, thanks,

> -- teodor

 -- mike cullerton

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