So perhaps it depends on your view point and preconceptions and we're 
both coming at the "flexible" and "offloading" arguments with different 
starting views.

Anyway, I only asked out of curiosity which I think has been satisfied 
(i.e. ultimately I don't fully agree with you! :p).

No worries! We are discussing semantics and situations which are always
unique. Our primary application is one that uses data from many
disparate and discrete data sources, integrating these things to make
life simpler for the end user. The methodology that I describe is quite
useful in that situation.

We do have other applications that use a single database and where we
explicitly state the database using select_db; the database name never
has to appear in the query at all. I occasionally hear a little whining
and moaning about this as the queries become less self-documenting,
forcing everyone to add more commentary to the code to make up for the
deficiency. Actually I have found that during code review in these
'single database' applications many of the queries do have the database
name stated. The devs have seen the value in this method across the

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