Also, if you don't need to do this on the fly (or even if you do, in
certain cases) just use 'convert', a standard unix tool (fairly
standard, anyway).  So if, for instance, your users are uploading a gif,
and you need a png (so that you can tweak with it), you could write it
to a file, and then 

        echo `convert upload.gif output.png`;


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From: Henrik Hansen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
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Subject: Re: [PHP] can't generate gif!!!

"Rama" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 > I have problem using all image functions for gif.
 > Does anyone have a suggestion how to convert gif images to png
 > It's ok if I have to use other programming language instead of PHP.
 > Ps: in case you wonder, I can't control the input file type. It will
 > very helpful if I can at least convert to other image format.

what gdlib version do you use, as gif support is removed in the newer
versions, due to license stuff.

Henrik Hansen

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