Hello folk!

Currently, we use memcached as caching solution.

We provide a link to 3 servers, a server-2x the Memcache daemon is started 
(2 different ports (depending 4GB) (4 GB) (4 GB) (700 MB) (700 MB)

-> Php.ini: memcache.hash_strategy consistent = <--

$o_memcache = new Memcache ();

$o_memcache->addServer ([SERVER], [PORT]);

whenever a request comes the "connect" is no longer needed because Memcache 
established the connection automatically.

We also tried $o_memcache=connect([SERVER], [PORT]); - same problem.

About $o_memcache->get([KEY]), we check to see if the KEY is already set 

In case of error returns GET "false".

When TRUE, the content of the KEY will be shown - otherwise with 
$o_memcache->set([KEY], [CONTENT], MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED, mktime (date ( "H") 
+6)); will be saved for 6 hours.

You should guess the KEY will be saved for the next 6 hours, but in this 
case, it will not.

After about 2-3 minutes the KEY returns with GET "FALSE" again.


We also tried this:

- Memcache connection with addServer, connect and pconnect

- 1 server as connection, multiple server (like listed above - as pool)


Server stats:

evictions = 0

cur_connections: ~50-100


Server settings:

Apache 2.11

PHP 5.2.8

Memcache-Info by phpinfo();

Active persistent connections 4

Version 2.2.5

Revision $Revision: 1.111 $

memcache.allow_failover 1 1

memcache.chunk_size 8192 8192

memcache.default_port 11211 11211

memcache.default_timeout_ms 1000 1000

memcache.hash_function crc32 crc32

memcache.hash_strategy consistent consistent memcache.max_failover_attempts 
20 20


Does anybody know this issue or solution(s) to fix this problem?

Thanks for help.

Jean Michel

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