> Thanks all for your patience! I will work on this today and write back with
> any further questions I can't figure out on my own. And if anyone has any
> advice I will be checking my email regularly.

If you've already tried this with no luck, please ignore -- but you
might speed up the whole process by stepping aside from the "real"
code briefly, starting fresh in an empty directory, and just putting
together a handful of extremely simple scripts with the single goal of
entering one value, updating it, and then doing some final
pseudo-processing on the updated value.

Then, you could step it up a bit by by adding a second value that gets
entered at the beginning, and cannot be updated in the middle but must
be preserved through to the end.

Doing all this might help clarify the basic flow of the system and
enable you to simplify its structure before going back and tackling
the real code.


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