Dear All,

I have developed php library for open source community, for making HTML
scripts over PHP Programming, HTML Object. It's PHP Object Library for
making autogenerated HTML scripts over PHP Programming. Providing the
variety of needs to make HTML code automatically, such as HTML Tags,
Attributes, Tag's Content, Frequently Used Tags, and Other HTML Object.
HTML Object is created in accordance with the needs of web developers, easy
to use, Object Oriented Programming, and flexible for any web applications.

HTML Object is PHP 5 Class Object Library, the purposes is web developers
can use this library for Presentation Layer or Web User Interface (UI) on
web applications, creating HTML code with PHP script, all controlled on

Early features of them:

* Autogenerated HTML Tags, Attributes, and Contents
* Frequently Used Tags
* Generating HTML Document / Web Pages
* HTML Tables

All class libraries is documented in Application Programming Interface
(API) Documentation, you can visit

For developers can checkout the latest source code, please visit The latest release
files can be downloaded in

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