this sounds huge, and cries for a sql version of the import.
Are both databases the same? MySQL?

I give u a draft for MySQL
u export the data u have, then u got a textfile with 100000+ sql statments

in the php script u open the file and iterate over it by line (carefull it
could be also ";" in case its a Unix created file on a windows platform)

line == one SQL insert in table bla bla...

in the loop then just mysq_query with this line

if the the someid is an unique index the insert will fail, so only those
records are inserted beeing not already in the database.

but I think as of the amount off records it doesn't sound like a every 10
minutes job, if it is a rara job, just do it with phpMyAdmin

sorry not pulling out the code, but was a long day behind the keyboard, need
some sleep


"Devendra Jadhav" <devendra...@gmail.com> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have to import data from one database to another, I have to import
> 100000(1Lac) records.
> First I need to check if the record is already imported or not and import
> only those records which are not imported.
> Here is my logic
> $already_imported = get_already_imported_records();
> format of the $already_imported is $already_imported[someid] = 'imported';
> Now i take all records from another db and iterating through it.
> if (!key_exists($already_imported[$new_id])){
>         import_function($new_id)
> }else{
>         echo 'allready imported'.$already_imported[$new_id];
> }
> Now my script is importing same records for more than one time. I am not
> able to get through this issue
> Is it because of the size of the records or something else...?
> Please suggest me some solution which is faster, safe and easy to code :D
> Thanks in advance
> -- 
> Devendra Jadhav

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