Header("Content-type: image/png");
 $font = "php.ttf";
 if(!$si) $si = 66;
 $im = ImageCreateFromPNG("php-blank.png");
 $tsize = imagettfbbox($si,0,$font,$text);
 $dx = abs($tsize[2]-$tsize[0]);
 $dy = abs($tsize[5]-$tsize[3]);
 $x = ( imagesx($im) - $dx ) / 2;
 $y = ( imagesy($im) - $dy ) / 2 + 3*$dy/4;
 $blue = ImageColorAllocate($im,0x5B,0x69,0xA6);
 $white = ImageColorAllocate($im,255,255,255);
 $black = ImageColorAllocate($im,0,0,0);
 ImageTTFText($im, $si, 0, $x, $y, $white, $font, $text);
 ImageTTFText($im, $si, 0, $x+2, $y, $white, $font, $text);
 ImageTTFText($im, $si, 0, $x, $y+2, $white, $font, $text);
 ImageTTFText($im, $si, 0, $x+2, $y+2, $white, $font, $text);
 ImageTTFText($im, $si, 0, $x+1, $y+1, $black, $font, $text);

...from one of the PHP conferences.

"php.ttf" is the font

"php-blank.png" is the base image

$text is the text you want to write, and $si is the size of the font
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From: Mauro Ferreira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Newsgroups: php.gtk
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2001 1:10 PM
Subject: How to create a button with a icon inside ?

Can someone show me a example ?

I'm doing some refinements in an database-oriented app, and show database
navigation and action buttons with small icons instead of text will do a lot
for the visual - and cuts a lot in internationalization too !

If isn't ask for too much, a example of a combined icon+text button too will
be great too - some not-so-obvious actions, like data integrity check need a
text anyway.

Know how to make this will simplify my work a lot, not to mention the visual

Thanks !

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