At 4:22 PM -0400 8/16/09, Paul M Foster wrote:
On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 08:36:17AM +0100, Lester Caine wrote:
 > But as has been said, the real solution is a date picker.

I *hate* date pickers. They slow down input. I can type 082309<Enter>
faster than I can ever do it with a date picker. The date class knows
I'm in America and since it's a six-digit date, it must be mmddyy. (Yes,
for those of you *not* in America, I agree our dates are goofy. I think
we all ought to be on the metic system, too, but America and the UK seem
intent on sticking to Imperial measure.)



Yes, that's part of the problem. I was suggesting an exercise where people could put their collective heads together and create a php solution.

I realize that US has DD, MM, YYYY and the Euros have YYYY, MM, DD and others have other things (i.e., Year of the York).

Not addressing the "other things" -- to me, if one uses a character for a month, then there's no problem in deciphering any entry regardless of format.

For example, 2009 Aug 23, or Aug 23 2009, or Aug 2009 23, or 23 2009 Aug, -- they could all be entered in whatever order you want and deciphered correctly. The rules of course are:

Year must be in thousands -- 1000-5000.
Month must be a character -- D for December, May for May, Jun for June and so on.
Day must be in ones or tens -- 1 or 09, or 31.

It's certainly not a problem to write such code, I only suggested the exercise to get people to expound on the problems they encountered. Instead, I received "use javascript". Okay... but that's not a php solution, right?




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