What kind of methods have any of you used for storing text that needs to be
displayed as both multi-page (for reading) and single-page (for printing)?
My plan is to store the articles with basic HTML formatting that will render
based on the site stylesheet(s).

I'm using MySQL.

My main question is how to deal with the multiple pages. Higher-ups would
prefer that article authors not have to split the file into various fields
when composing. My idea is to have the authors insert a code/comment that
indicates a page break in the text (something like, cryptically,
<PAGEBREAK>) and then when pulling the article from the DB, create a menu
for selecting pages (there has to be a small menu at the bottom of each
article with a link to each article page and an indication where the user
is), display the proper page, etc. 

I've still not got my head completely around how I am going to do this, so I
am looking for suggestions on how other sites manage this need.


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