by having a quick look on it, u have to work on a session base? otherwise it
could be done by the post data only. I'm trying to avoid to work on the
session, because it makes live a bit easier. if u can try.

I'm telling this, because as u metioned to unset the session stuff is wierd
and I wouldn't trust the session vars any more anyway.

""Miller, Terion"" <> wrote in message
Formatted as PHP

and a note before I get chewed about the weird setting and unsetting at the
top with the sessions...because believe I see it...but if you take the
unset() out..nothing works, I can't figure that out and maybe that is a
blatent thing I'm missing (prob) but I know that checking if a sesion is set
then immediately unsetting it is not logical, and I tried putting it like if
isset else unset but same results, nothing work all variables error'd  out
as undefined.

On 8/18/09 11:49 AM, "Miller, Terion" <> wrote:

Hi Folks, after days of trying lots of different things, I'm must grovel to
the list and post my problem...which is I am unable to get my pagination to
work, it seems to not carry the session to the next page and I get the
"undefined offset error"

The page code is posted here since my email client seems to mess up the code

Thanks to any and all who have a look.

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