Hi Nathan,

I agree with you, and I believe that there are many persons who don't like the 
idea of hosting all their applications on a third party server. IMO there are 
some advantages and disadvantages to doing so but that's a discussion in itself.

The good thing about Raxan's Embeddable Apps is that you have control over the 
source code.  With the ShoutBox example you can download the framwork along 
with the application and copy it to your own servers. No need to host the apps 
on third party servers.

Some benefits of Raxan Embeddable Apps:
1. Works in just about any web page 
2. Easy to deploy and configure
3. Reusable and Shareable

I believe that one day we will see apps like Photo Galleries, Media players, 
File Managers, Catalogs, etc that users can easily download and add to the 
their web pages.

PS. I would like to invite everyone to download the framework, try the examples 
and take a look at the source code. You will be amaze at what you can do with 
Raxan PDI. - You can download it here: 

Best regards
Raymond Irving

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ive seen lots of third parties selling components in this manor.  now that ajax 
has hit the scene there are some really weird things going on.

i was just on a call yesterday where this company told us about their service, 
which is delivered as one of these 'embedded' applications.  this thing would 
have its own navigation and display of content on our site in order to keep 
folks clicking.

if you ask me, that just feels weird; having some other company like own a 
piece of your app...  however, it would be foolish not to admit that this is 
the way things are trending and that there will only be more of it to come.


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