I am developing an idea for a website engine which can be shared between 
several different
websites. Each website would have its own directory under a common root 
directory, and the
engine would be in a separate directory Engine:

Website_1.com, Website_2.com, Engine

The website directories would each contain the design data for that website, 
basically of a mixture of text files and images. The various pages would be 
loaded by
loading index.php from the website root directory, and specifying a number of 


I have the minimum amount of code in index.php -- just enough to set some 
parameters to
identify the website, and then include ../Engine/Main_prog.php.  This in turn 
can include
any of a large number of other include files to carry out particular functions. 

I have the prototype working nicely on my PC, and on a stand-alone basis on a 
server, but
now I am trying to upload the multi-website version to a public host, and am 
a number of problems, mainly because I have never done any serious work with 
UNIX, and the
host support staff don't understand what I am trying to do.

The problems mainly relate to setting permissions to allow the website to 
access the
engine code. I only have a rough idea of how the permissions work, but I think 
that to
include engine code the website has to have read and execute rights to it, and 
I also
think that so far as the engine is concerned the website will count as 'other'. 
 (I can
easily arrange that all temporary files are written in the website directory.)

I suspect that rather than including the engine code in index.php, it would be 
better to
call functions in it, so that the website only required 'execute' rights, but I 
don't know
of any way to do this without having anything running permanently on the 
server. Can
anyone suggest how it can be done?

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