You all misunderstood my question, please read my replies above...

I'm looking to extract it from a string - *I'm not executing the queries, I
only get them as a string*

And to the topic:

Since everything I found was very complicated to parse, I've crafted my own
preg pattern,

"/^(\*|[a-z_, \(\)0-9]+)[\s]+FROM[\s]+([a-z_\.
]+)\s+(WHERE[\s]+(.+)|)\s*(|ORDER BY ([a-z0-9,

(Assuming this is a SELECT string, and the subject is something similar to:
* FROM table WHERE field2='field3' LIMIT 0,10

(Yes, no SELECT - I've got another function to determine whether its select,
insert, update, delete from - etc, and it returns to query without the name
of the command - "SELECT field FROM table" => "field FROM table")

(Without using joins or things like that)

But I don't have much experience crafting patterns like that - or working
with them so I'd be glad if  you think of a better way of doing it,

and.... problem is since I'm using sub-brackets, its hard to process it
since if there is WHERE and a LIMIT, then LIMIT (...) will be on $result[$n]
(for example),
But if there is no WHERE, then LIMIT (...) will be on $result[$n - 2];

How should I overcome this problem?

2009/8/21 Daevid Vincent <>

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> > From: Nisse Engström []
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> > If you're using MySQL, you can try mysql_field_name()
> > and see if it gets you anywhere. I don't think it works
> > on empty results though.
> FYI. It will.
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