2009/8/22 Szczepan Hołyszewski <webmas...@strefarytmu.pl>:
>> Hm. . .it does look odd. Searching the bugs database at
>> http://bugs.php.net does turn up one other report (at
>> http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=47870 ) of array() returning NULL in
>> certain hard-to-duplicate circumstances on FreeBSD,
> Yes, I found it even before posting here, but I wasn't sure whether to file a
> new report or comment under this one. If your intuition is that these bugs are
> related, then I will do the latter. Thank you for your attention.

Well, the only things I'm basing my suspicion on are the nature of the
problem, the OS similarity and the fact that it seems to be difficult
to reproduce the problem reliably. The major problem with this guess
is that the original bug report does state that the bug did not show
up under 5.2.

>> I don't suppose you have a development environment on another
>> machine where you can test another version of PHP?
> Assuming you mean a FreeBSD environment, nope :( but I will try on Linux
> tomorrow.

OK. I do think (as I'm sure you know) that the best test would be in a
matching environment (since the result was reported to be different
under Linux for that bug), but of course that's not always realistic.

> Regards,
> Szczepan Holyszewski

I hope your problem can be resolved. If it does turn out to be a bug
in PHP I hope that will be enough to convince your host to upgrade.



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