I would also be shure that u run into the srcipt time out time. of course
there is one limit u can be a little bit under or a little bit above.

measure the time with microtime() and compare it with the script time out
settings and u will have the answer


""Thomas Gabrielsen"" <tho...@arton.no> wrote in message
> "Ryan Cavicchioni" <ryan...@confabulator.net> wrote in message
> news:20090824205810.gc32...@mail.confabulator.net...
> > On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 09:54:03PM +0200, Thomas Gabrielsen wrote:
> >> Hi
> >>
> >> I have a problem with uploading files that are bigger than the Master
> >> Value allow me to, which is 32 MB. I've set the max_upload_filesize and
> >> max_post_size in a .htaccess file and the phpinfo() reports the new
> >> value (128 MB) according to the .htaccess, but the script fails
> >> with no errors every time I try to upload a file greater than 32 MB.
> >> any of you had the same problem?
> >
> > I stumbled across this blog post:
> > http://www.gen-x-design.com/archives/uploading-large-files-with-php/
> >
> > He suggests also looking at the script timeout and the
> > 'max_input_time' ini setting.
> >
> > Regards,
> >  --Ryan Cavicchioni
> Hi Ryan, and thanks for your reply:
> I've allready set that, but I forgot to mention it in the first post. This
> is what my .htaccess looks like:
> php_value upload_max_filesize 64M
> php_value max_execution_time 800
> php_value post_max_size 64M
> php_value max_input_time 100
> php_value memory_limit 120M
> I'm very sure that it has something to do with the upload_max_filesize
> because I generated two files, one just a little greater than 32MB, and
> just a little bit smaller. The latter file is uploaded fine, but the
> one is not.
> Thanks!
> Thomas Gabrielsen

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