well I would call this an error in the first view , and some of u where
right! and the stuff with the refernce counter seems to be right as well.

however I can't see a reason for it as 5.x works through refernces. so
unsetting a REFERENCE to the object does not destroy it.

How to destroy the object then?


abstract class a {
  public function __construct(){
    echo "constructing....<br>";
  public function __destruct(){
    echo "destructing....<br>";

class b extends a{

  public function doSomething(){
    echo "I'm doing ...but the reference c to the object is unset()<br>";


$c = new b();

$d = $c ;   // works
$f[] = $c ; // works

class e {
  public static $m;

  public static function setM( $m ){
    self::$m = $m;

$o = new e();
e::setM( $c ); // works

echo "unsetting ...<br>";
unset( $c );


echo "script ending now ...<br>";


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