Hi gang,
I'm trying to create a script to read the files in a folder (approx
2000) and get the filename, path and last modified date in a tabulated
format to copy into excel. (We have been issued a CD and need to get
all files documented and assigned to an owner.)

I've tried loads of different scripts but can't get them working with
all the features.
I think the best one to work with is this (although I'm having
problems getting the date but don't worry about that at the moment)

ini_set('display_errors', true);
function getDirectory($path = '.', $ignore = '') {
    $dirTree = array ();
    $dirTreeTemp = array ();
    $ignore[] = '.';
    $ignore[] = '..';

    $dh = @opendir($path);

    while (false !== ($file = readdir($dh))) {

        if (!in_array($file, $ignore)) {
            if (!is_dir("$path/$file")) {

                $dirTree["$path"][] = $file;

            } else {

                $dirTreeTemp = getDirectory("$path/$file", $ignore);
                if (is_array($dirTreeTemp))$dirTree =
array_merge($dirTree, $dirTreeTemp);

    return $dirTree;

$ignore = array('.htaccess', 'error_log', 'cgi-bin', 'php.ini', '.ftpquota');

$dirTree = getDirectory('./Tender', $ignore);


Here is an example of what I'm getting out from the $dirTree array:

    [./Tender] => Array
            [0] => 9216_100_REV_V1.0_bound.dwg

    [./Tender/Tender Docs] => Array
            [0] => BAA Works Terms v1.1 (22.05.08).pdf
            [1] => Contents of Volumes 1 and 2.pdf
            [2] => Cover Letter and Instructions.doc

            [3] => Form of Tender.doc

    [./Tender/Tender Docs/Health and Safety Questionnaire] => Array
            [0] => NT Baggage Tender Questionaire rev2.xls

    [./Tender/Tender Docs/NTB BH Lighting] => Array
            [0] => 3J-B-1 PIR.xls
            [1] => 3J-B-2B PIR.xls
            [2] => 3J-B-2R PIR.xls
            [3] => 3J-B-3R PIR.xls

            [4] => 3J-D PIR.xls
            [5] => 4G-G PIR.xls
            [6] => 4J-B-1B PIR.xls
            [7] => 4J-B-1R PIR.xls
            [8] => 4J-B-2B PIR.xls
            [9] => 4J-B-2R PIR.xls

            [10] => 4J-B-4 PIR.xls
            [11] => 5G-G PIR.xls

I'm having problems getting my head round how to get access the array
data so that I can format it how I want, eg:

Folder   Filename
Tender   9216_100_REV_V1.0_bound.dwg
Tender/Tender Docs   BAA Works Terms v1.1 (22.05.08).pdf
Tender/Tender Docs   Contents of Volumes 1 and 2.pdf


I'm trying to do this at work (php is a hobby and this is the first
time I've tried to use it in my electrical engineering job) in notepad
without any code highlighting, etc. and tearing my hair out to try and
avoid going through the CD manually!

Could anybody please help or let me know which function I need to read
up on? I've tried countless searches on array formatting, etc and not
getting anywhere.

Thanks in advance,


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