I'm not saying Javascript is evil, and yes I do know what the J in AJAX
is, I'm not as stupid as I look! I use it for plenty of things, but as
an aid rather than the core functionality.

As for the firewalls stripping Javascript, I don't have a specific
reference myself, but I've read about it a few times online before, and
for your benefit here is an example

I don't have any stats to back this up, but I was led to believe that a
lot of specialist browsers (like Braille browsers) were unable to handle
Javascript, or that a lot of Javascript fails because the event handlers
that are used do not translate well outside of a mouse environment.

I said that Javascript was a bad idea in this case because it's for a
form submission, and if I remember correctly, for some sort of shopping
cart-esque site. Having several submit buttons should be able to cope
with this sort of situation provided it is thought out logically.

I do think it is important to try to cater for as wide an audience as
possible, and if that means making sure things work with essential
functionality when Javascript isn't available then so be it. Javascript
should be there to enhance functionality, not be it. This obviously
can't hold true for some situations (imagine Google Docs without
Javascript!) but a lot are often overlooked. I recall seeing some awful
code at my last job, where somebody had thought it was a good idea to
use Javascript for everything, including ALL form submissions. They'd
even made all links look like this:

<a style="cursor: hand;" onclick="location.href='somepage.cfm';">click

I'd consider this the worst of the worst, and probably something I'll
never see again, but it has made me wary of any solutions that are
Javascript only.


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