Hi all,

I think I'm having a problem with parse_ini_file in php. I am using wamp on two machines. I'm installing a Digishop e-commerce package.

The blah.ini.php file starts with

<?php die ?>

some_setting="Ok, I Have Completed This Step"

On one machine which uses php 5.2.5 it parses the file fine and installs properly

But on another machine which use 5.3.0 i get the error

Warning: parse error in blah.ini.php on line 1 in myparser.php on line 81

On the 5.3.0 if I remove the <?php die ?> it works fine. But it still does not install the sofware properly.

I get the feeling php on the 5.3.0 marchine is parsing the file differently to the 5.2.5. I doubt anything has changed between the versions. I also compared the phpinfos between the two setups but could not see anything outstanding.

Have any of you guys seen this behaviour before?



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