Stuart wrote: (among other things)
> If you ask me you are essentially describing engineers (or doers) as
> idiots and salespeople as morons. I won't debate the labels but
> unfortunately it's a fact of life that most "management" types in this
> world are ex-sales because they're the ones who know how to use their
> skills to further their career which them in a position to favour
> sales over engineering when it comes to salary and rewards.

I think you'll find it's because the engineers like engineering and not
managing, so they (if they can get away with it) avoid or decline the
"opportunities" for promotion to management.

ISTR the Royal Air Force has a "Specialist Aircrew" track where the really good
pilots, who wanted to fly planes rather than desks, could be promoted to
"management" ranks but avoid the management duties.
I had the pleasure of meeting one of these chaps when I was at university - he
had more flying hours than I had lived and flown just about everything with
wings. A superb instructor, but far too much of a livewire to be a manager...

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