On Thu, 2009-08-27 at 20:38 +0800, Keith wrote:
> Due to my web hosting server implement SMTP authentication, I couldn't do it 
> with PHP mail() function, so I opt for PHPMailer.
> However, the $mail->Send() method always return true even I've set the 
> $mail->AddAddress with invalid email address.
> I've tried with valid address. It's good and I've received the email.
> Then I set it with invalid x...@gmail.com, the return value is true, and I 
> have received email from mailer daemon that gmail has rejected the email.
> Then I set the $mail->Address with invalid name & invalid domain. This time, 
> the $mail->Send() still return as true, however, I didn't receive email from 
> mailer daemon this time.
> Any idea why this happened? Any solution for me or suggestion to use other 
> send mail class/function that support SMTP authentication?
> Thanks!
> Keith 
The return code only informs you that the mail was sent successfully,
not that it was received, so you can have invalid email addresses and
still have the function return true.


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