Anyone, anyone? Bueller? :P
I'm sure someone has experience with GDB? I'm not looking for a newbie primer, I'm just curious if anyone has had experience with the problem below and knew how to correct it..

Thanks :)

Jason Young wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to follow the instructions for getting a GDB backtrace from the PECL site ( ).

For some reason, I'm not getting any symbol output when I try to generate the backtrace, it simply gives me the memory address and '??'.

I'm using a clean install of PHP, and I've specified --enable-debug in the configure script (which I know works, since PHP will identify and print memory leaks).

Has anyone else had any trouble with this and found a solution? I'd really like to get generate these so I can better help the PECL developer this is needed for.

Thanks for any insight or suggestions you can give!
-Jason Young

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