2009/8/28 Nico Sabbi <nsa...@officinedigitali.it>:
> Hi,
> I'm testing one of my sites in safe_mode, but I'm experiencing some
> strangeness that is not documented.
> The settings are:
> in php.ini:
> include_path =
> ".:/server/home/apache/php4/:/var/php/5.2/pear/:/usr/php/lib/ezcomponents-2008.2.2/"
> in the virtualhost config:
>        php_admin_value safe_mode On
>        php_admin_value safe_mode_include_dir
> "/server/home/nsabbi:/server/home/apache/php4:.:.."
> The files belong entirely to apache:apache, the user who is running apache.
> The problem is:
> *Fatal error*: require_once() [function.require
> <http://nsabbi/login/function.require>]: Failed opening required
> '../include.php'
> (include_path='.:..:/server/home/apache/php4/:/var/php/5.2/pear/:/usr/php/lib/ezcomponents-2008.2.2/')
> in */server/home/nsabbi/nb4/login/index.php* on line *3
> How is it that i can't include files in .. ????

Hi Nico,

First the obligatory "safe_mode is deprecated and not recommended"
speech. . .but I guess you've already seen that in the docs and
decided to use it anyway.

What does the script do if you turn off safe_mode?

> btw, can I redefine the include_path in safe mode?


> Thanks,
>  Nico



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